The Globalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy by D. Rodrik

2 aprilie 2012 • Books

Book of the Week 13

“Short of a great book, The Globalization Paradox, it is well written and plays on at least two levels of understanding. The reader glides through easily and is sent to dig further for subtleties. The author emphasizes the need to have a nuanced approach when dealing with the economic phenomena, argues for a moderate globalization and introduces and interesting trilemma.  It is an ambitious take on several global debates, most of the time with compelling arguments and few times by just tweaking the concepts. With the aim of providing a solution, the author provides seven common sense principles, which are applied to world trade agreements, global finance, labor migration, China’s impact in the world economy. Some of the proposals have value and some are debatable but they definitely represent an intellectual teaser. ”  Lucian Isar

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