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Selling bonds to households, easier if one understands the monetary system

26 noiembrie 2011 • All, Banking at Large, Comments, Miscellaneous

Posted as a comment on “Thank you for keeping the forum as hypocrisy free as possible. Florin admits irony in his posts and sometime he is misunderstood and needs follow-ups. Therefore I’ll go for blunt acrimony in order to avoid further iterations. I see that the current post spans at least two economic themes: 1) the conflicts of interest […]

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Revizuirea tintei de inflatie, un imperativ pentru economie

07 februarie 2011 • Macro, Media

Ratarile sistematice ale tintei de inflatie au dezancorat anticiparile inflationiste prin erodarea credibilitatii mesajelor. O reancorare a anticiparilor se poate realiza prin resetarea tintelor pana in 2015, pozitionandu-le in jurul lui 4% (+/-1%), unde, in realitate, deja s-au ancorat independent de piata si prognozele analistilor. Daca pana in acest an exista posibilitatea ca tintele de inflatie propuse de BNR sa […]

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theBudget deficit should be increased to help the economic recovery

03 februarie 2011 • Macro, Media, Newspaper clips

Publicat in << Lucian Isar, economic analyst and former executive vice-president of Bancpost considers that the solution to help Romania resume growth is to focus on the real macroeconomy. He said that the economy needs to be stimulated by lowering the minimum required reserves, by granting loans for investments, by raising the budget deficit and the amount made available for […]

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