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More Than You Know: Finding Financial Wisdom in Unconventional Places by M.J. Mauboussin

15 ianuarie 2012 • Books

Book of the Week 3 More Than You Know : Finding Financial Wisdon in Unconventional Places by M.J. Mauboussin. “The story of the 6 blind wise men and the elephant is present in several cultures. It suggests that faced with the task of understanding a complex element one needs to be humble about the process of discovery and to factor […]

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Untangling Skill and Luck

15 ianuarie 2012 • Articles

Paper of the Week 3 Untangling Skill and Luck How to Think About Outcomes—Past, Present, and Future, By M.J. Mauboussin can be found here. “The skill versus luck debate is one of the key topics in the colloquial discussions. The recommended article is a nice review of several angles from which to tackle the split. Moreover it tries to link […]

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