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Clusters, Convergence, and Economic Performance by M. Delgado, M. E. Porter and S. Stern

14 martie 2012 • Articles

Paper of the Week 11 “The current paper of the week “Clusters, Convergence, and Economic Performance” by M. Delgado et. al. takes a look at the role of economic clusters in the economic development. Given the current strive to reignite the economic growth, the clusters are the way to go. In emerging markets where the state capture (bribe) is higher […]

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Are Romanian authorities cognizant of relapsing in the doldrums?

28 ianuarie 2012 • All, General, Macro, Media, Miscellaneous

Listening to the presidential speech backed by the chorus of economic advisors, one can honestly doubt if the Romanian authorities are cognizant about the imminent relapse in the doldrums. The current protests should have generated an urge to come up with fresh ideas and actions to push ahead for economic growth and job creation. The easy path followed by the […]

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theBudget deficit should be increased to help the economic recovery

03 februarie 2011 • Macro, Media, Newspaper clips

Publicat in << Lucian Isar, economic analyst and former executive vice-president of Bancpost considers that the solution to help Romania resume growth is to focus on the real macroeconomy. He said that the economy needs to be stimulated by lowering the minimum required reserves, by granting loans for investments, by raising the budget deficit and the amount made available for […]

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