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12 ianuarie 2012 • Leisure

Top 10 restaurants (soon with reviews)

 1.  Alinea

“Despite the tough global competition between the 3 star restaurants promoting molecular cuisine, I think Alinea is the best restaurant. You can’t go wrong recommending Alinea to your friends. I have been there several times and I keep returning. The first time is best to go by taxi otherwise you will have difficulty finding the place. The food is a symphony of tastes, textures and colors that can’t be defined. You just glide from one delight to another and you will be amazed by dishes such as “the truffle explosion”. The wine pairing, even if pricy, is the perfect choice for a complex 4-hour dinner such as this. The staff is very polite and trained to play either friendly or stiff based on your implicit positioning. ” Lucian Isar

2.  The Fat Duck

3.  Noma

4.  Per se

5.  El Celler de Can Roca

6.  Iggy’s

” Iggy’s is my top choice in Singapore. It is a small restaurant with nothing spectacular in terms of decorations but a “Zen” atmosphere. The tasting menus can be served also at a bar, which is not a bad choice if your are with a larger group of friends. I went several times for the degustation menu as the restaurant changes dishes based on ingredients’ availability. The food is creative but not eccentric. You can feel that there is a difference in the interpretation of the fusion term between Asia and Europe or US. There is a “home bias” present in the flavors, which make the food extremely rewarding for a foreigner and flattering on the palate.” Lucian Isar

7.  Esperanto

Esperanto in Stockholm is not yet an international foodies destination such as Noma, but could soon become one. I went for the Menu Degustation and it’s a fresh, young and creative take on the international gastronomy. The area for pre dinner drinks is well designed around a piano. The dinner area has a view to the kitchen and an interesting ceiling, which blends in beautifully with the interior decorations. Also we were pleased with the sommelier’s recommendations. ” Lucian Isar

8.  Viajante

“If you are looking for a true gourmand experience at a decent price, Viajante is the best restaurant in London. I went both times for the 12 course menu with the wine pairing and it was worth it. The set up has a good vibe and the staff is very friendly. I recommend the tables facing the kitchen. The food is innovative and I traced sensorial similarities with my favorite restaurant in the world Alinea, from Chicago. The dishes are not revealed in advance but you are in for a treat. The business model is interesting, allowing for little waste. The wine pairing is a bit pricey but goes very well with the food and is innovative. The only annoying bit is that booking in advance is currently a must.” Lucian Isar

9.  Dinner by Heston

“The Fat Duck closer to earth and to British cuisine. Dinner by Heston is the best place for lunch in London. The set-up and the light make for a perfect lunch environment. The food is interesting, with a discovery story and legacy attached. If the first time the group is not large enough to get a feel of all the dishes, for sure you’ll return. The beverage selection is well balanced and the deserts are too appealing to find siluette excuses.” Lucian Isar

10. Moto

The environment is pleasant but catered towards a less “stiff” audience. It is not for the ones looking for a ‘grand table” type of ambiance. The food is surprising, evolving, eccentric and provoking. Prepare to be mesmerized. Try to figure out what you are about to eat and you are in for a sensorial shake up. It is my second favorite restaurant in Chicago after Alinea. It is compulsory to visit Moto for a compeling benchmark of the world molecular cuisine. ” Lucian Isar 

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