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9 aprilie 2012 • Articles, Recomandari


The Paper of the Week 15

“The Paper of the Week 15 category refers to a discipline called Neuroeconomics and includes two articles and a comment to one of the articles.

The first article is “On potential of Neuroeconomics: a critical (but hopeful) appraisal” by B.Douglas Bernheim, the second one is “Neuroeconomics: a view from neuroscience”, by P. Read Montague and the comment to the first article is “Neuroeconomics: a Sobel appraisal” by J. Sobel.

Neuroeconomics emerged as a distinct discipline fairly recently (‘90s) by combining both theoretical and empirical tools from neuroscience, psychology and economics into a single approach. This new discipline challenged many standard economic assumptions and is evolving fast in many directions such as decision making under risk and uncertainty, inter-temporal choice, and social decision making.” Lucian Isar

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